Does every room have fjord view?

Not every room has fjord view. Before confirming your reservation, please make sure that you checked all the features of the room that you want since the Basic Interior does not have sea view.

Is breakfast included in the reservation?

Yes, buffet breakfast is included in all reservations, either in programs and single nights.

Is there WiFi connection in the rooms?

No, WiFi internet is available only in common areas.

Do the rooms have TV?

None of our rooms have TV, but there is one in one of our common sitting areas.

How can I get to Puerto Natales?

– Travel by plane: Latam and Sky Airlines offer flights all year round from Santiago an Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas City. In high season, Latam also offers direct flights from Santiago to Puerto Natales.

– Travel by land: You can travel to Magallanes by land from Argentina through the different border crossings in the region, being the most important the following ones: Dorotea (Mina Uno), Rio Don Guillermo (Cancha Carrera) and Integración Austral Monte Aymond. If you arrived by plane at Punta Arenas, you can take a bus to Puerto Natales with Buses Fernández or Bus Sur.

Does Weskar offer shuttle services?

Weskar offers private transportation services with additional cost from Punta Arenas (city or airport), and from Puerto Natales (bus station or airport).

What is Patagonia?

Patagonia is the region located in the southernmost area of Chile and Argentina. These territories were given this name during the XVI century in Ferdinand of Magellan’s expedition, after their contact with the natives of the area, who were called “patagones” due to their big feet (“patagão” in Portuguese).

The chilean Patagonia covers part of Los Lagos Region, plus Aysen Region and Magallanes Region. The city of Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine National Park are located in Magallanes Region.

How is the weather?

Given the vastness of the territory, Patagonia also has a great diversity in weather. However, in Magallanes Region prevails the cold steppe weather, with constant wind that get more intense in spring and summer. Even though the weather is less rough in summer, you have be prepared in every moment, since in Patagonia you can experience “four seasons in one day”.

In winter the day light hours are reduced to 8 approximately, while in summer we have up to 18 hours of day light in December. The best time to travel to Patagonia is from October to April.

How should I dress?

As we already mentioned, in Patagonia we have to be prepared to live the “four seasons in one day”, so we recommend to carry in your luggage: first (base) layers, gloves, ear protection, wind stopper or waterproof jacket, comfortable shoes (preferably trekking shoes), sunglasses, sunscreen (radiation here is very high).

Commerce and ATMs

Most of the stores in Puerto Natales close from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Most of the stores accept credit cards, but we highly recommend to carry enough chilean money, since as we’re located in a remote area, sometimes there are issues with the payment system connection and ATMs can run out of money also.