Weskar Lodge is a small hotel created and founded by a local family on 2005. The hotel is located in where was their home in Puerto Natales, Chilean Patagonia.

“We arrived at the beautiful city of Puerto Natales 29 years ago, and we were immediately impressed by the sublime landscapes, completely different than any other place that we ever knew. In this remote place of the planet, the pampas, mountains, Patagonian fjords and glaciers converge creating dramatic landscape contrasts that show their supreme expression in Torres del Paine, a worldwide milestone of the Nature Tourism.

In 2000 we managed to buy a piece of land in the coastal road of the city, with an amazing view of the Ultima Esperanza Fjord, where our house was built later. The incredible thing is that once the construction was finished, a lot of travelers arrived asking if it was a lodge and if we offered accommodation. Back in that time there were just a few places to stay in Puerto Natales, and tourists travelled straight to Torres del Paine without stopping in the city. With not much money but with a lot of heart and conviction, we decided to enlarge the house and turn it into a Lodge. We started with 8 rooms in 2005 and it took us 10 years to complete the 31 rooms that Weskar Lodge currently has”.

Years have passed and we happily see how this remote region in the world keeps having the same identity, with privileged nature surroundings, and where time runs differently, with the style of the southernmost region in the world.

Juan José Pantoja San Martín  – Founder of Weskar Lodge Hotel